Friday, March 13, 2009

A meal planning survey

Many of us are having to cut back on our eating-out habits and fix more of our meals at home. If you enjoy cooking for your family and want to make changes in how you plan your meals, do yourself a big favor and check out My First Kitchen. Kendra has posted a survey so she can learn more about our eating and cooking habits. Then, armed with our information, she's going to come up with ways to help us be more efficient in our meal planning. Yippee!!
To encourage us to complete the survey, she is offering a giveaway contest! One of us lucky winners will receive a set of her spices. Yummy!

For us bloggers, she is offering a chance to quadruple our entries! Just post her survey link on your blog - but do it NOW because she's ending it at the Cinderella hour of midnight on Monday, March 16.

1 comment:

My First Kitchen said...

Thanks, Kathy!!! I appreciate the shout-out! I hope you're enjoying your new blogging platform; isn't it fun to have lots of options? :)

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