Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One thing I would never borrow from my husband

While waiting at son Steve’s orthodontist office, I flipped through the February 2009 issue of Hallmark Magazine to pass the time. 

(Last month I tried to sit and clear my mind without doing or thinking about anything – it was a relaxation exercise recommended in an article I read at the dentist’s office the day before.  After ten seconds, I wound up creating my menu for the week in my head.  And made a grocery list in my head.  And wrote an email to my mom.  And visually cleaned the back bathroom.  I think I am ADD because I cannot just sit and NOT think.)  Anyway, I digress – proving my ADD point….

Thumbing through the mag, I saw a title that caught my eye:  What Do You Steal From the Guys?  It was a list, I think based on a survey, of what women typically steal from their man to make their own.  I found most of the ideas to be kind of interesting, but then…whoa…got to the last idea and I just can’t shake the image in my head.  Here’s the list:

  • Moxie for Men 
  • Tree shoes
  • Men’s razor
  • Cologne for men
  • Using a combo of antiperspirant and Bold Bond Medicated Powder for working out


Do you have the same image in YOUR head??  My youngest was born 6 weeks early unexpectantly after frantically making plans to get to the hospital, and I can only imagine the shock and subsequent snickers of the nurses who would be helping me into my hospital clothes.  But I really can’t imagine the reaction from the real owner of the undies – he would have either killed me or, worse, never let me live it down.


So…I gotta know.  Have YOU or A LADY YOU KNOW ever worn MEN’S UNDERWEAR?  If so, WHY?  Were they comfortable?  Were you scared that you’d be in an accident and your secret would be revealed in the ER for all to discover?   Or, am I the silly one and it’s really not a big deal?  What do you think?

I dare you to leave a comment below.  If I get ten of you to reply, I’ll steal a pair of Hubby’s for a day and report back to you. 

[My comments are low and I’m so desperate to raise them, I’m willing to contradict this blog post title. Ha!] 

1 comment:

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Oh my goodness, the mental picture!!! Thanks, yeah, thanks a lot for that.
NO NO NO I have never worn men's underwear. I'm like you, I'd be WAY too afraid of that accident thing.
I'll be checking back later to see if you make it to 10 comments!! Maybe I'll recruit some people... :)

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