Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feeling old-fashioned

I've been thinking lately about how much I appreciate interesting, creative, unique things that stimulate my senses. I also appreciate knowing the difference between what is real and what is fake. We are so bombarded with things that get twisted to the point that we can't tell if we are being duped. (I've had many conversations with my college sons , and they remind me often I better get used to it because the age of technology is here to stay .) I've been watching the Grammy awards tonight - I know, I know, talk about a show full of fake stuff - but I really want to see Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl. Although much of the music isn't my taste, I will admit that so far it's not too bad. (I use the Previous station button often. And periodically turn my attention to my computer, hence this post.) BUT how can you tell when they are really singing and when they are lip sinking? And - here comes my beef - if they are that good a performer, why do they have to fake their singing? Because their real ability (or lack of) will be revealed? Or is it because everyone else is doing it and you have to appear to be at least as good as they are? Am I alone in being bothered by this because I want to be able to trust my senses? I have much more respect for someone who tries their best by giving us their best even if it means it isn't perfectly polished. I respect people who are not afraid of making humanly mistakes. I'll be watching to see what Paul and Dave do. I hope I'm not disappointed, but I'm bracing for it. Regardless, I'll still hope to see Paul in concert one day.


Betty said...

now what troubles me is, with the new technology how can you ever be sure what you are seeing on TV or online or almost any media is real or contrived and/or enhanced. I could conceivably get a picture of myself and my Grandmother ( who died before I was born ) sitting side by side at my Mother's table or holding my grandchild on her lap!
I admit being fascinated with this technology and most anxious to learn more about the possibilities. But I am still troubled with the idea that we will never really know if what our eyes are telling us is real or is it manufactured

Kathy said...


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