Sunday, February 15, 2009

We've come a long way, baby!

This J.C. Penney catalog came out the year I graduated from high school! Did we really dress this way?? Didn't we think the guys were dorks for wearing such outlandish colors? If you grew up in this era like me, it's fun to take a trip back in time. After all, remember how cool Starsky and Hutch were, chest hair and all? Tight clothes was the fashion of the day, and it's hard to deny fashion while you are young and in the thick of whatever given era you are growing up in. Enjoy!

So, what do you think people will say 30 years
from now about the fashion of today?
P.S. Regardless of how we may have looked, our music was the best, right?!


Julia @ Hooked on Houses said...

Oh, my gosh, this is hilarious. The scary thing is that I remember most of these fashions. Yikes. Thanks for the laugh this morning! :-)

Sheryl said...

Oh, yes, I sure remember those days! I was in elementary school. I had those red jeans!

Thank you for posting on my blog. I look forward to going through yours!


Trudi said...

Hi new to your blog. I live in Northern IN, two hours from Chicago. and am effected by the same lake effect snow you write about.

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